Light Emitted Diode or LED lighting has become a part of our daily lives. LED lighting has replaced the incandescent lamps that are currently banned in the European Union (EU) and may not be manufactured and sold. LED has an array of benefits therefore LED is being increasingly used in lighting systems. Due to the high demand, there is a broad supply of LED products on the market, but this makes the choice more difficult, as there are so many manufacturers and sellers. 
Our LED online store has been created to become an easy-to-use site that offers wide range of high quality LED products for great prices
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LED store offers the following benefits:
• wide range of LED products – LED lighting and all the necessary accessories;
• high quality products from the top manufacturers of LED products in the world;
• great prices - all products are supplied directly from the manufacturers or their representatives with no middle-man;
• our LED store offers products to retailers, wholesalers and individuals;
• wide range of LED products in our warehouse which ensures very short delivery times;
• advice on the selection of the most suitable LED product for your needs - we provide customer consultations in person, by phone or electronically;
• LED lamp efficiency calculator to calculate your savings;
• intuitive and easy shopping experience;
• fast delivery at the time and place that is most convenient for you;
• the LED store only offers products with a European conformity certificates (ISO,ROHS,CE) and two-year warranty;
• regularly updated product range - LED lighting that is in line with the latest trends in the world;
• the LED store gives you the opportunity to purchase produces in person in store.

Our online LED store has a convenient layout that is easy to browse to find exactly what you need. LED lighting is not just about the lightbulbs - it is an extensive system that includes LED applications for different industries in addition to the regular household needs. LED lighting is broken down by type of use and can be very extensive. LED lighting can be use both indoors and outdoors, it may be functional, decorative, associated with increased safety, intended for use in vehicles, for manufacturing facilities, office spaces, sports facilities, public facilities etc. Each product group requires suitable additional elements and accessories to ensure correct installation and operation. This is why our LED store offers a wide range of LED accessories and the most important tools for the work.All products available on our website are also available in out specialized LED store in Cesvaines street 15A, Riga with one of the largest warehouses of LED products in Latvia.
A quick reminder of why quality LED lighting is important:
• Low power consumption - reduce the electrical power consumption up to 10 times.
• Energy efficiency - some examples: LED bulbs turn on and off instantly, no warm-up period is required. Turning it on and off does not affect the service life of the bulb. LED lighting does not cause any significant CO2 emissions.
• Durability - the service life of one LED bulb is on average from 25 000 to 100 000 hours. For comparison: the service life of a halogen lamp is only 700 - 2000 hours, incandescent bulb - 1200 hours and an economic bulb - 3000 - 12 000 hours.
• High impact resistance - LED bulbs are not so easily broken.
• Not affected by vibration - LED bulbs are not affected by the effects of vibration.
• Protection against voltage surges or uneven current - LED lighting successfully functions with the operating voltage range from 85 to 265 volts. 
• Low operating temperature - the surface temperature of LED lights is less than 50˚C, for halogen and incandescent bulbs it reaches 100˚C, while for economic bulbs it is above 60˚C.

Visit our online store and our LED store in Riga, Cesvaines street 15A, to discover our extensive and varied LED product range.

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